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Sunday, March 7, 2010


The lovely and talented Lisa Butterworth,(check out her blog) associate editor for Bust magazine is going to the Oscars...and she is wearing my jewelry!!!

When I found out through a mutual friend that Lisa was going to the Oscars I started sending her emails begging for the opportunity to create an Oscar-worthy design for her to rock down the red carpet and she graciously said yes.'s a privlege just to be nominated...

Lisa wasn't sure on a dress yet and told me that she liked black and so I went to work to create a bunch of different looks for her to choose from. I had a week to complete this "project runway challenge" and with no Tim Gunn there to implore me to "make it work", I was on my own. It was a little intimidating but in the end I just stuck to my designs that I loved and came up with a few new ones and sent them off hoping she would love them enough to choose one.

...and the nominess are... like me! you really like me!...

Lisa will be wearing one of these creations with a gorgeous black Diane Von Furstenburg dress.

...the envelope please...

...stayed tuned for Lisa's selection!