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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Fell For a Handsome Thrifter......

When I married I hoped for a man that was kind, had a great sense of humor and was easy on the eyes. I had no idea I would find that and so much more, he's a thrifter! There is not much he loves more than "bundling". Lest any of you take that as a dirty euphemism, bundling is when you (he) hunts down a bunch of thrift store finds and "bundles" them to get a better price. (See: American Pickers) Over the years he has developed a fantastic eye for the vintage pearl and rhinestone bits and pieces I like to use in my work. Not only does he enjoy hunting with me...he now goes alone! A lot of the newer pieces you see can be credited in part to his eagle eye and scouting expeditions. He will come back with a flush in his cheek, a twinkle in his eye and a plastic baggy full of sparkles and pearls. He rocks and he is pretty darn handsome!
Shaken...not stirred...

Manly enough to hold a small white poodle with a pink bow...and like it!

Keep 'em coming handsome!

I Am In Love....

I know it's probably wrong to pick just one necklace that I love the most and like a fickle teenager I fall in love at least once a week, but this week is different. This is the one..
An vintage rhinestone necklace surrounded by sparkling sea blue chalcedony, faceted green jaded, faceted pink tourmaline and creamy vintage pearls....
...what's not to love?

This is a close runner up for this week's affections. A stunner of a rhinestone vintage necklace, a ton of sparkling blue iolite, green jade and faceted pink tourmaline....

...the centerfold shot;)

Here comes the sun! A recycled leather cuff bracelet, etched and riveted brass plate and vintage brooch surrounded by vintage rhinestones.

Like all passionate loves this may not last. Someone will snap it up and will fall in love with it just like I did. But alas, my bench is filled with sparkly pieces vying for my attention and I am sure I'll fall in love again!