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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your Grandma's Jewels...Only Better!!!

If I had a dime for every time someone said to me,"Oh my gosh, I have a bunch of my grandmother's old rhinestone pins/earrings/vintage keys etc.....I should get you to make something," I could use them all to buy a mountain of Weiss rhinestone pins! Monica Lee(artist, textile designer, blogger extraordinaire!) put her postage where her mouth is and sent me 2 pieces of vintage goodness that was left to her by her grandmother with carte blanche to make her something pretty.
I am SO excited about both pieces, but OH that necklace is heaven! It's all about the Weiss rhinestone brooch. I can totally see that with a little black dress or casual with a white button down shirt and jeans. Thanks for giving me a chance to make you something pretty Monica Lee.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank you JFK......

Thanks to JFK's philandering and Mimi Alford's brave decision to write a book about it after 41 years of silence, I got a boatload of jewelry made today!
Buy it here:

I was in parts horrified by what a predator the handsome, charismatic JFK was as I studiously twisted up flower earrings. Seriously though, what 19 year old fresh out of an all girl's school is going to turned down JFK? He was THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD...

... and looked like this!

...and she was so classically beautiful, I'd almost say she reminded me of someone...mmmm....who could that be...

... fellow Miss Porter ancient (they call them ancient instead of alums, i am all "in the know" because I read the book!) Jackie O?

I 'll post pics tomorrow of what I actually accomplished!

Now comes the hard(ish) part....

Some days I am inspired and on fire! 11 pm rolls around, I finally look at the clock and decide it's time to go to bed, flowers and skulls and sparkling sea green chalcedony dancing in my head. Other days it's sunshine-y outside and the birds are chirping and there is a movie I want to see and magazines piling up and there is NOTHING on Netflix I want to watch (while working)....but I HAVE to work! Those flower earrings are NOT going to make themselves and the fabulous shops that have taken a chance on me need more designs to sell. Today is a bit of a buckle down and get to it kind of day. Here's my strategy for days when I JUST DON'T WANNA!!!!

I pretty much treat myself like a child. I bribe myself. I will go to and treat myself to a really, really good book I've been wanting to read but just don't have time. Nothing keeps me in my seat like a good tale of hitting rock bottom and finding redemption. (hence my addiction to Intervention..pun intended!)
I really enjoy Wasted by Marya Hornbacher!

I only allow myself to listen while I am actually working on jewelry, no listening while loading the dishwasher or doing laundry. On a pretty day like today I will also bargain with myself and make a promise to go to the park and run if I finish "X" amount of what I am supposed to do. It also helps to make a personal challenge that keeps things simple such as,"Make as many earrings today as you can." If I know I don't have to think about anything but twisting wire into familiar shapes I feel like I can just turn my mind off and enjoy the routine.

I am grateful for everyday I get to do what I love. but as in life, some days are more challenging than others. Although nothing compared to say, Mackenzie Phillips and her struggles with addiction, eating disorders and incest in High on Arrival
A disturbing listen but I am really pulling for her!

If you need me I will be happily making twisty flowers and thanking the gods that I am NOT shooting up black tar heroin.*

*(for the record, I feel that addiction is a stunningly difficult disease to overcome. That last sentence, thought frosted with humor, is sincere.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Worthy.....

As you may know, my friend Jessica went to the 84th Oscars last night as a (apparently impossible to get position!) seat filler wearing a pair of earrings and a bracelet that I made specially for her. She looked GORGEOUS and outshone the jewels!

Here is Jessica, rocking KSho for the Oscars!

I watched like a hawk but didn't get to see her....although I did fall asleep at about 11 so perhaps I missed it? Loved when Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy made Scorcese into a drinking game! Thanks for letting me adorn you Jessica and I hope you had a great time!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Celebs I'd love to KSho.....

Ok, caught up in the Oscar-ness of having someone wear my jewels to the main event has got me daydreaming and so I'd like to share my "Top 5 Actresses Who I'd Love To Wear KShonk".

1. Sheryl Crow
Might I suggest a rock star worthy vintage key bracelet and necklace?

2. Drew Barrymore
Drew is all flowers and butterflies and I am sure she would love the recycled glass gypsy earrings.

1. Kate Capshaw
She just seems cool and classy and I really just want to drink a lot of wine with her and Rita Wilson. I'd love to see either of these pieces on her!

4. Which brings us to #4 Rita Wilson

Seriously? Loved her in "It's Complicated" SO much and just wanted to pop onscreen and throw a multi layered boho chic necklace on her or a long rosary style necklace.

5. Miranda Lambert
No brainer. She's super cool, wears awesome jewelry, has restored Airstreams and hunts. Bullet necklaces! (and rock star recycled leather bracelets)

Those are my suggestions for now....anyone you think should wear KShonk Designs? I may do another post on this!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Two years ago I was stoked that a friend of a friend was going to the Oscars with her beau and was going to wear my jewelry.(see this post) I whipped up a few sets for her to choose from, sent them for her perusal. Sady, in the Oscar madness that followed, there were no pictures for me to post. (I totally understand!)

This time, shit's for real y'all! A sister of a friend is going to the Oscar's to be a seat filler, and will be wearing this set with her gorgeous gown and has PROMISED she will take pictures that I can post! Look for them to be on sale after the event (unless she decides she HAS to have them!)
As always, it's an honor just to be fill a seat;)

Just like heaven....

The beads.....dear God the beads!!! So the International Gem and Bead show in Chantilly was everything it's was before and more. I go in with a budget in and then run around the wholesale section like a crazed hamster my eyes darting left and right as sparkly bits and baubles flash at me and I ALWAYS go over budget.

I got almost everything I wanted see this post with the exception of a few things. I cannot find the elusive lemon yellow onion chalcedony in just the right, bright lemony shade and can someone please direct me to a faceted green garnet rondelle that I don't have to sell my poodle for! I got a few strands of chalcedony briolettes but the bead vendors are hip to the fact that EVERYBODY has discovered this magic little gem and they were priced much higher than usual. Damn you other designers and your fabulous taste! All in all, I was about $250 over budget. That's cool, I'll live on sunshine and air! If anyone knows of my holy grail of beads (lemon onions and green garnet rondelles about 8 mm please feel free to comment)

Friday, February 17, 2012

KShonk Crack.......

OMG it's here!!!! The Chantilly International Bead show is my jam!!!! There is a whole area in the back just for wholesale buyers and I literally feel like I am drugged up the whole time I am there and afterwards I just lay everything out and bask in it's sparkly goodness. I will take bunches of pictures and post them later. WHOO HOO!!!!! Here are a few things I am hoping to find:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo Make Over.....

One of the aspects of having my own business that makes me want to rip out my hair in frustration is taking photos of my work. I am dead serious when I say it has taken YEARS to get them where I am kinda happy with them and that includes a 6 month intense photoshop course that had me in tears almost everyday. (which I am, of course, thrilled that I took now!) I have not learned everything, I would love to get a photo lightbox like this one:
CowboyStudio Table Top Photography Studio Lighting Tent Kit in a Box - 1 Tent, 2 Light Set, 1 Tripod, 1 Display Table Top

but I feel as if I have I have experimented and tweaked enough to get them close to representing the actual pieces. So for fun, here are a few before and afters:

So you get the picture. (no pun intended) It's SO hard to get a bright, clear picture without washing the image out a little bit. Any suggestions are SO welcome, just put them in the suggestion box below! (comment)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Whupped....

Whew! Valentine's week was insane what with the give aways, the SPCA necklaces and happily delivering scads of gorgeous V Day bouquets for Strawberry Fields yesterday. Top that off with a lovely double date with our dear friends Greg and Elizabeth and you have one tired girl. So this is what I am doing today:
Now I realize on par with say, having a full time job and kids my week was nothing and I am a big, fat wussy, but I will be snuggling in bed today! Just so you don't think I am a complete slacker, here is a pic of a new necklace and me wearing it.

Gotta go, that mac and cheese is NOT going to eat itself!

...And the winner is.....

Jess Crabhill!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who played and congratulations to everyone who won! Such an awesome response and I SO appreciate all the nice compliments on the new designs. I hope you'll keep coming back to check out new blog posts and new designs! Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How is this NOT the funniest thing EVER!!!!!

Leather!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Last Give Away!

Congratulations to Regina Boone on winning yesterday's give way!

Today is the day! Leather cuff give away and because it's Valentine's day, I am throwing in a boho chic leather necklace with a swarovski crystal necklace to compliment it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for playing everyday and thanks to everyone that bought a necklace from the SPCA. We raised almost $500.00 for the cause! With no further's give away:

If you are loving the cuffs, check out the updated leather cuff page on my website:

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2. Like KShonk Designs on Facebook and post a comment there.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Leather Cuffs!

Just a quick word for everyone that was asking for leather cuffs...the website page has been updated with 4 new ones. Check it out: