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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just like heaven....

The beads.....dear God the beads!!! So the International Gem and Bead show in Chantilly was everything it's was before and more. I go in with a budget in and then run around the wholesale section like a crazed hamster my eyes darting left and right as sparkly bits and baubles flash at me and I ALWAYS go over budget.

I got almost everything I wanted see this post with the exception of a few things. I cannot find the elusive lemon yellow onion chalcedony in just the right, bright lemony shade and can someone please direct me to a faceted green garnet rondelle that I don't have to sell my poodle for! I got a few strands of chalcedony briolettes but the bead vendors are hip to the fact that EVERYBODY has discovered this magic little gem and they were priced much higher than usual. Damn you other designers and your fabulous taste! All in all, I was about $250 over budget. That's cool, I'll live on sunshine and air! If anyone knows of my holy grail of beads (lemon onions and green garnet rondelles about 8 mm please feel free to comment)


  1. I hope you can find the yellow one's....yummy! :O)

  2. Did you have fun at your happy place? Love the new post earrings, very pretty. :)

  3. Oh Heather, it's my dream to go to one of these things with an unlimited budget. The image that comes to mind is Snoopy doing his happy dance!