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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Celebs I'd love to KSho.....

Ok, caught up in the Oscar-ness of having someone wear my jewels to the main event has got me daydreaming and so I'd like to share my "Top 5 Actresses Who I'd Love To Wear KShonk".

1. Sheryl Crow
Might I suggest a rock star worthy vintage key bracelet and necklace?

2. Drew Barrymore
Drew is all flowers and butterflies and I am sure she would love the recycled glass gypsy earrings.

1. Kate Capshaw
She just seems cool and classy and I really just want to drink a lot of wine with her and Rita Wilson. I'd love to see either of these pieces on her!

4. Which brings us to #4 Rita Wilson

Seriously? Loved her in "It's Complicated" SO much and just wanted to pop onscreen and throw a multi layered boho chic necklace on her or a long rosary style necklace.

5. Miranda Lambert
No brainer. She's super cool, wears awesome jewelry, has restored Airstreams and hunts. Bullet necklaces! (and rock star recycled leather bracelets)

Those are my suggestions for now....anyone you think should wear KShonk Designs? I may do another post on this!

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