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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aw Nuts!

So I have been talking about soldering nuts for about a week now and FINALLY took some pictures! Shall I give you the history of the nuts? Why not! While walking through Lowe's with my contractor husband I found myself completely bored. In the interest of turning a negative into a positive I started wandering up and down the isle and found myself in HARDWARE and drawn to the nuts and washers. Industrial + pretty = jewelry. I think the end result is very antique spanish catholic church. No?

New TV Appearance Coming Up and Super Sweet Card....

Being given the chance to appear on TV is great exposure for my jewelry and upcoming shows. It's such an amazing opportunity and I am thrilled to do it anytime I am asked. That being said, and this is not a compliment fishing expedition, I HATE seeing myself of TV. So the fact that I posting this link is crazy.
I tried to watch it again and got a couple of seconds into it before putting my hands over my ears and humming "Mary had a little lamb". I was SO nervous and self conscious that I am determined to enjoy myself next time. As a regular gym routine with yoga usually relaxes me and make me feel like Wonder Woman I will begin today for my next appearance on April 25th. It's ON!!!
Enough about that.
I recieved the sweetest card from my friend Marilyn. She is a fellow jewelry designer
who makes GORGEOUS pieces so I was super flattered when she bought my owl piece.

She is now following me on this blog (not stalking she said....following;) thanks Marilyn!!!!

I will post later with Nuts pictures. Curious?