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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress!

I had no idea what I was in for this morning when I decided I wanted to dye the dress I wore for my wedding so I could wear it again. All I had was a dream:

The seafoam green in this Gucci ad

...and a $2.50 box of Rit Teal Dye:

I was gonna mix but was too scared!

The result was even better than I hoped. The pics here DO NOT do the color justice.
I love it more now than before!

I think my fear worked in my favor. I measured out a 1/2 teaspoon of the teal powder, filled the left side of my sink with scalding hot water, wet the dress thouroughly in the other half with warm water, submerged in the dyed side for about 3 minutes and rinsed immediately. I made the mistake of getting a small spot of undiluted dye on the dress but went all Macbeth on it's ass with a box of Rit color removal and a paintbrush and worked at it for about 10 minutes and it was gone. Voila'...a new fancy dress for about 5 bucks!

A Dress to Dye For!

I have two very dear friends that are getting married in the coming weeks and have been wondering what to wear to what is sure to be a very smart event. I also have a beautiful dress that I bought for my own wedding. It's a flowy, silk, strapless number from BCBG and besides it's off white color...not wedding dress-y at all. I really want to wear it again and know I wouldn't wear it in it's current cream-ish color. So I have decided to dye it.

See? Pretty, flowy...not wedding-y.

The first thing that popped up in google was a link ( to my friend Sherry and John's website. She dyed her wedding dress too! So I felt a little more comfortable because Sherry's dress turned out beautifully. I also went to the RIT website to get as many tips as possible. I basically just want to tint it a pale, pale seafoam green/ blue. Seriously, a whisper of color so it's not off white. (RIT's website info I am going to mix a little bit of Rit's Royal Blue with a little bit of Teal for the first go around and see what happens.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck! Hopefully I won't have a $400 mess of a dress on my hands!

Monday, April 16, 2012

THANK YOU! Spring Bada Bing ROCKED!! !(because YOU rock!)

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the show yesterday! A big fat THANK you to the sponsors: Strawberry Fields, Quirk, The Yarn Lounge, World of Mirth, CrossRoads Art Center, Unanimus Crafts and Frame Warehouse! It was amazing to see everyone and I have to say that I am always grateful to see returning customers that honestly feel like friends now! Karen, (not posting last names but the branch necklace looked AWESOME on you;) my book club girls, Betsy(bracelets are coming;)....etc. You ladies are the reason I get to wake up and work in pj's making jewelry every day and I cannot express my appreciation enough without sounding like a dork. My major highlights yesterday were getting to meet Clara, (daughter of Young House Love's Sherry and John Petersik) seriously, if you have not watched the videos they have posted of her dancing and just basically being Clara you are missing out, particpating in RCM as a new member, and getting the tote that I TOTEs wanted from Milk and Honey! As a happy surprise she was also a total sweetheart:) You can bet your sweet bippy I will be stalking her etsy shop as well. So this post is just basically a BIG OLD CRUSH ON YOU! Thanks!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who I Will Be Stalking Tomorrow......Spring Bada Bing!

Yay! One day until Spring Bada Bing! I have to say, there is usually an small amount of stress the day before a show as I am the world's biggest procrastinator. Not this year! I have TONS of new stuff made and am just left with pricing everything. I may throw a few more flower bobby pins together but that's about it. There are a ton of great new vendors this year and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's goods but I plan to stalk Milk and Honey....etsy site here Check out these pics:

Moms Coffee spoon, shabby chic hand stamped vintage silver spoon with flourish for unique Mothers Day Gift

How cute would this be with a bag of Starbucks and a handmade pottery coffee cup for Mom's Day?

Extra Large Reversible market tote bag for groceries, books, shopping or gym. French country script with yellow & greige waterproof interior
This reversible tote IS happening to me. Just saying.
Tumbled Stone French Coasters- Marie Antoinette portraits, set of 4, water & heat safe- Free shipping insurance. French Country Decor.
My Malbec will be happy resting on these coasters. I know, I asked it last night.

I feel as if I am forgetting something....mmmmm.....let's see....oh yeah. I have to go to my taxes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BEHOLD! The Power of Young House Love....

So there is this little thing that's popular with the kids right now called Etsy. I don't know, I just didn't get it. I put a few things in my shop not knowing how people would even find it. Whatevs! Along comes Young House Love. You may not know this but they did a giveaway for the Richmond Craft Mafia yesterday and linked back to my Etsy shop for my giveaway item. Before the posting I had maybe 40 page views over the course of FIVE years. Here are my stats as of yesterday!


564 shop views
256 listing views

Right. Needless to say I have been listing things like a crazy person and have even had a sale! Thanks John and Sherry make sure to use your powers for good!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fab Freebies from Young House Love and My Virginia This Morning Appearance.....

Young House Love rocks. If you haven't checked out John, Sherry, Clara and Burger being adorable, witty and entertaining while doing fabulous renovations on their home, now's the time! They are also doing a huge give away of Richmond Craft Mafia goodies worth $350.00!!! They are so awesome to include us on their amazing website, thanks you guys! Click here to hop (bunny like) on over and enter to win :
Virginia This Morning's Jessica Noll was nice enough to have me on this morning to chat about the giveaway and talk a little bit about the Craft Mafia. Click here to see the footage of our interview:

More Vintage Jewelry Makeovers....

A friend of mine contacted me on FB to find out whether or not I could take some vintage pins of her grandmother's and turn them into something new and funky that she could wear. Stephanie not only works with Rodan and Fields (I got their Reverse line and not too sound all preachy, but the lines in my forehead that looked Botox-worthy 2 weeks ago looked barely there this morning. For REAL! Let me know if you want her info.) she has a great blog on running and health @ Seriously, she is going to do the Tough Mudder! Here are her before and afters:

Two special pieces that Stephanie really wanted to be able to wear...

Two totally modern pieces that she can pass on (and rock everyday until she does!)

Thanks for the opportunity Stephanie. (and the amazing Rodan and Fields results. OMG!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fat Poodle in a Little Dress....

I hope everyone is spending this beautiful spring weekend with friends and family! We had a lovely time at the Easter parade on Monument Avenue even though we couldn't get the poodle to where this:
Fat Poodle in a Little Dress

Somebody needs to cut back on the treats!

As one of my duties as a new Richmond Craft Mafia member, tomorrow morning I will be talking to Jessica Noll on Virginia This Morning all about the upcoming Spring Bada Bing. (Next Sunday, April 15th in case you were wondering!) We'll also be chatting about a way you can get a big ole box of Craft Mafia goodies worth $350 for FREE! That's right! A whole bunch of fabulous gifts from the Craft Mafia ladies and gents all for you! I'll post about it tomorrow and the link to the show in case you miss me stumbling over my words. Hope everyone had a great Monday...tune in tomorrow.

This is a distinct possibility this dress may be a deja-outfit tomorrow on the morning show!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Bada Bing....

Spring Bada-Bing

Good morning! I had one of my last meetings before the Spring Bada Bing last night and all I have to say is IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME! Remember this is my first time being an insider with the Craft Mafia and these ladies and gents have this organization thing down to a science. I pretty much just sat back, observed and threw in my 2 cents. (more like 1 and a 1/2) Here is all the info and vendors for your viewing pleasure!

I have GOT to make the jewels! Here is my pretty, little studio this morning:

How could you not create beautiful things in this space?

On deck this morning are seaglass and leather bracelets. One is already spoken for and I have a feeling these will be the piece to have from my spring collection.

Or maybe your are a little bit rockstar and would rather have a bullet and vintage pearl necklace? I have got you covered!

I will have TONS of new designs at Spring Bada Bing and Collegiate's Village Green Fair. But first....I have to go to the post office! Check back later today for a "Grandma's Jewels" before and after!