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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Vintage Jewelry Makeovers....

A friend of mine contacted me on FB to find out whether or not I could take some vintage pins of her grandmother's and turn them into something new and funky that she could wear. Stephanie not only works with Rodan and Fields (I got their Reverse line and not too sound all preachy, but the lines in my forehead that looked Botox-worthy 2 weeks ago looked barely there this morning. For REAL! Let me know if you want her info.) she has a great blog on running and health @ Seriously, she is going to do the Tough Mudder! Here are her before and afters:

Two special pieces that Stephanie really wanted to be able to wear...

Two totally modern pieces that she can pass on (and rock everyday until she does!)

Thanks for the opportunity Stephanie. (and the amazing Rodan and Fields results. OMG!)


  1. Stephanie is so lucky to have a friend like you! I think you did a great job with those two pieces. It must feel so good to do such lovely jewelry, especially when they mean so much for the person you're making them for.

  2. It really does feel good to know that I am making something that someone may not have wanted to wear and now can. I love sentimental jewelry! I am working on another set now and will post soon!