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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Dress to Dye For!

I have two very dear friends that are getting married in the coming weeks and have been wondering what to wear to what is sure to be a very smart event. I also have a beautiful dress that I bought for my own wedding. It's a flowy, silk, strapless number from BCBG and besides it's off white color...not wedding dress-y at all. I really want to wear it again and know I wouldn't wear it in it's current cream-ish color. So I have decided to dye it.

See? Pretty, flowy...not wedding-y.

The first thing that popped up in google was a link ( to my friend Sherry and John's website. She dyed her wedding dress too! So I felt a little more comfortable because Sherry's dress turned out beautifully. I also went to the RIT website to get as many tips as possible. I basically just want to tint it a pale, pale seafoam green/ blue. Seriously, a whisper of color so it's not off white. (RIT's website info I am going to mix a little bit of Rit's Royal Blue with a little bit of Teal for the first go around and see what happens.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck! Hopefully I won't have a $400 mess of a dress on my hands!

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