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Monday, April 16, 2012

THANK YOU! Spring Bada Bing ROCKED!! !(because YOU rock!)

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the show yesterday! A big fat THANK you to the sponsors: Strawberry Fields, Quirk, The Yarn Lounge, World of Mirth, CrossRoads Art Center, Unanimus Crafts and Frame Warehouse! It was amazing to see everyone and I have to say that I am always grateful to see returning customers that honestly feel like friends now! Karen, (not posting last names but the branch necklace looked AWESOME on you;) my book club girls, Betsy(bracelets are coming;)....etc. You ladies are the reason I get to wake up and work in pj's making jewelry every day and I cannot express my appreciation enough without sounding like a dork. My major highlights yesterday were getting to meet Clara, (daughter of Young House Love's Sherry and John Petersik) seriously, if you have not watched the videos they have posted of her dancing and just basically being Clara you are missing out, particpating in RCM as a new member, and getting the tote that I TOTEs wanted from Milk and Honey! As a happy surprise she was also a total sweetheart:) You can bet your sweet bippy I will be stalking her etsy shop as well. So this post is just basically a BIG OLD CRUSH ON YOU! Thanks!

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