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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A random accounting of Thankful things.

Here is a random list of things that I am thankful for today. (in no particular order)

1. This beautiful sunshiney day
2. My handsome boyfriend Eric and his wonderful parents.
3. My comfy worn- in Emu boots
4. That I have so much love in my life
5. The great shipment of tiny, antique skeleton keys that rock my world
6. That I have laughed a lot already today
7. The ability to do what I love for a living
8. Campbell's vegetable soup on a cold day with lots of croutons
9. My baby niece Juliette, mom, dad, step-mom, brother, his fab wife etc...
10. My health

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving in whatever form it takes!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inspiration Comes From Everywhere (and show stuff)

I did my first phone interview today for Richmond Magazine which was very exciting all by itself, but in talking to my interviewer Super Intern Erica Wells I was inspired to return to my poor little neglected blog and write a little something for whomever might be reading.

As this is my first year really going at the jewelry design business full time, I am finally able to concentrate on promoting the business. This means shows. Lots and lots of shows. After all the applications are in and you have been green lighted to be a apart of the show you have to get ready. This means making tons of jewelry in lots of different price points for everybody to enjoy(the best part), hand decorating tons of bags and boxes to pack purchases in ( a little control-freaky I know!) ordering business cards and packing up my boyfriend's Expedition (thanks Eric) to go the show. Then there is the schleping of boxes, displays, jewelry, materials to work on...etc. all over God's green earth and hoping to meet people who not only "get" the jewelry but also become customers.

I have to tell you, I love it. I have met such interesting and and inspiring people in the other vendors as well as new and old customers. I have been impressed with how generous everyone is in giving advice and tips. There are long days and scary slow periods when you wonder if you are even going to make back your booth fee, but in the end every show I have done I have walked away with new thoughts, places to go and friends. I have had a long show day today so I am now going to bed...inspired and tired!