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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fat Poodle in a Little Dress....

I hope everyone is spending this beautiful spring weekend with friends and family! We had a lovely time at the Easter parade on Monument Avenue even though we couldn't get the poodle to where this:
Fat Poodle in a Little Dress

Somebody needs to cut back on the treats!

As one of my duties as a new Richmond Craft Mafia member, tomorrow morning I will be talking to Jessica Noll on Virginia This Morning all about the upcoming Spring Bada Bing. (Next Sunday, April 15th in case you were wondering!) We'll also be chatting about a way you can get a big ole box of Craft Mafia goodies worth $350 for FREE! That's right! A whole bunch of fabulous gifts from the Craft Mafia ladies and gents all for you! I'll post about it tomorrow and the link to the show in case you miss me stumbling over my words. Hope everyone had a great Monday...tune in tomorrow.

This is a distinct possibility this dress may be a deja-outfit tomorrow on the morning show!

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