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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank you JFK......

Thanks to JFK's philandering and Mimi Alford's brave decision to write a book about it after 41 years of silence, I got a boatload of jewelry made today!
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I was in parts horrified by what a predator the handsome, charismatic JFK was as I studiously twisted up flower earrings. Seriously though, what 19 year old fresh out of an all girl's school is going to turned down JFK? He was THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD...

... and looked like this!

...and she was so classically beautiful, I'd almost say she reminded me of someone...mmmm....who could that be...

... fellow Miss Porter ancient (they call them ancient instead of alums, i am all "in the know" because I read the book!) Jackie O?

I 'll post pics tomorrow of what I actually accomplished!

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