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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now comes the hard(ish) part....

Some days I am inspired and on fire! 11 pm rolls around, I finally look at the clock and decide it's time to go to bed, flowers and skulls and sparkling sea green chalcedony dancing in my head. Other days it's sunshine-y outside and the birds are chirping and there is a movie I want to see and magazines piling up and there is NOTHING on Netflix I want to watch (while working)....but I HAVE to work! Those flower earrings are NOT going to make themselves and the fabulous shops that have taken a chance on me need more designs to sell. Today is a bit of a buckle down and get to it kind of day. Here's my strategy for days when I JUST DON'T WANNA!!!!

I pretty much treat myself like a child. I bribe myself. I will go to and treat myself to a really, really good book I've been wanting to read but just don't have time. Nothing keeps me in my seat like a good tale of hitting rock bottom and finding redemption. (hence my addiction to Intervention..pun intended!)
I really enjoy Wasted by Marya Hornbacher!

I only allow myself to listen while I am actually working on jewelry, no listening while loading the dishwasher or doing laundry. On a pretty day like today I will also bargain with myself and make a promise to go to the park and run if I finish "X" amount of what I am supposed to do. It also helps to make a personal challenge that keeps things simple such as,"Make as many earrings today as you can." If I know I don't have to think about anything but twisting wire into familiar shapes I feel like I can just turn my mind off and enjoy the routine.

I am grateful for everyday I get to do what I love. but as in life, some days are more challenging than others. Although nothing compared to say, Mackenzie Phillips and her struggles with addiction, eating disorders and incest in High on Arrival
A disturbing listen but I am really pulling for her!

If you need me I will be happily making twisty flowers and thanking the gods that I am NOT shooting up black tar heroin.*

*(for the record, I feel that addiction is a stunningly difficult disease to overcome. That last sentence, thought frosted with humor, is sincere.)

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