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Friday, February 10, 2012

More from Jack Shonk

I thought it only fair to keep y'all in the loop concerning the Kardashian/Humphries baseball scandal.

This was my response:


Please don't spend my inheritance on anything KK even looked at or breathed on. Thank you. Your money is best spent on one of the necklaces I made in Sterling Silver that will benefit the Richmond SPCA on my website. Lucy will love it and it will help doggies like Memore get fixed. Have you been looking at my website and blog? I have been updating everyday. Your loving only daughter,

Karyn Shonk
KShonk Designs

and my brother's:

Dad it is very disturbing to me that you follow the kardashians. If u don't stop your going in a home.

and last but not least.....I give you my father:

It is obvious based on messages from BOTH of my children that you do not take me seriously. One trying to put me in a home and the other trying to sell me jewelry which I cant wear to my club. All I was trying to do was to invest in a priceless artifact that would enhance any inheritance that you might have coming from my vast estate (If by vast estate he means his endless coin collection and wall of hats I am really going to miss out!).

Dad Shonk.

I hope you find this as funny as I do and I promise no more s..t my dad says. At least about "The Baseball".


  1. Karyn #2 ~ You and your Fam are #1 with the snappy repartee and very classy comedic entertainment! Thanks for the laughs! :O)
    PS ~ You are also #1 jewelry designer in my book!

  2. Karen, thanks I find them highly amusing!