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Friday, February 10, 2012

Three way give away....VDay Give Away Day 5

Congratulation Beth! You are the winner of the bullet necklace!!!!

Necklace. Three way necklace give away. This was a necklace design that I learned from the great Stephanie Lee.

It's a long necklace!
It's a bracelet with a shorter necklace!
It's a wrap bracelet with a pendant!

It ain't Superman, it's EVEN better! The 3 Way Necklace!

Do I need to remind you that there are 3 ways to play? I will anyway!

1. Comment on this post. Go to the bottom, click on comments, post a comment, choose name/url and only put in your name (unless you have a url).
2. Like KShonk Designs on Facebook
3. Email me at

Good luck and Happy Saturday!


  1. Beautiful bracelet Karen! And love, love, love the butterfly necklace picture to the right. Love butterflies, but I think we all do! lol

  2. A key, links, a pearl, wrapping....all things a girl LOVES! This is a genius piece of jewelry. Me likey and me wanty! :O)

  3. Very cool bracelet Karen! I Love the design.

  4. Karyn did you see my question about the leather cuffs yesterday

  5. Very cool. I saw a design in the Bahamas that was very cool and reminded me of you-

  6. That's such a great piece.. well all your great!

  7. Love love love this one. Very unique!

  8. Ally, sorry I didn't get back. I have leather belts on my table as I write this just waiting to be made into leather bracelets! I'll let you know when I finish and post them on the website!

  9. That would be wonderful, thank you so much. As I said I have had my eye on them for a few years now, can't wait to see what you come up with. I love vintage!

  10. ooh this is the one I've been waiting for! Nicely done with all the giveaways this week!

  11. Ok, I just liked your FB page. Getting ready to email you. I'm serious about winning!

  12. Thank you for the three way necklace Karyn! What a fun piece! I was so excited to win the contest!

  13. The bracelet is very beautiful, I love it very much. And as well as the Cheap Jewelry.