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Monday, February 6, 2012

Give it away, give it away, give it away NOW!

First Giveaway? Maybe!

Every morning I wake up and I get to do what I love for a living. I get to whip up pretty sparkly things that dance in my head all night long. That's all well and good but without each and everyone one of you coming out to support what I do, either by buying the goods, putting the word out their about KShonk Designs in media or passing it on to your friends and family I wouldn't be able to get up every morning excited about that day's projects!

As a BIG, FAT thank I am showing you the love! Every day this Valentine's Day week I will be giving away a pretty KShonk piece on my blog, I'll post the picture of the day's giveaway by 8 am. All you have to do is comment by 8 pm. The entries will be selected randomly by the computer and I will post the winner the next morning along with the previous day's winner. As the days go on the jewels will get bigger and better (there may be a 5 layer necklace towards the end of the week!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

I will also be making 5 special necklaces. They are each hand formed in wax

and cast in sterling silver. These beautifully simple necklaces will be $55.00 each and 100% of the profits will go to benefit the Richmond SPCA. You may purchase them on the front page of my starting tomorrow.

Solid Sterling Silver Heart Charm with Chain for the SPCA


  1. exciting! love for loving furry creatures. really like the design. awesome

  2. ooh.....what a great idea you are having, love to think of winning one of your unique and charming pieces. thanks for giving us a chance! XOXO Anita

  3. How fun! I'm so excited to be in the drawing!!!

  4. Thanks! Check back tomorrow for the start of the give away! I am excited about it!!!!!

  5. oooh i love that you're supporting furbabies with some adorable jewelry and that you're doing fun giveaways! you rock :) i also just noticed the blog about skulls... this could be a dangerous addiction for my bank account ;) (but very good for you)

    1. Great idea about the giveaways!
      The studs are very dainty, elegant and a dash of funky which I love.....
      Yay for the richmond SPCA support too!
      I'll share your blog/website further.

  6. Oh GingerMandy, how I love your blog. Email me at maybe there are some skull earrings in your future;)

  7. Thanks Regina, check back tomorrow, you need some free stuff!(the earrings you like will be up for grabs one of the days)

  8. What a great way to let people know about you, count me in!

  9. Love those new heart necklaces - and those earrings too! Meredith Lamberton - Houston

  10. I know I am six minutes too late to today's party, but I wanted you to know I am in it to win it, girl.

  11. Kate the great you are not too late. (I am, apparently The Cat in the Hat this morning.) The first posting is going up at 8am today!

  12. Love the earrings, great colors!

  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you posted on this blog post (from yesterday, Monday)you will still be entered in today's (Tuesday) drawing for the earrings. Wait'll you see what's up for grabs tomorrow. Make sure to post to win!