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Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Worthy.....

As you may know, my friend Jessica went to the 84th Oscars last night as a (apparently impossible to get position!) seat filler wearing a pair of earrings and a bracelet that I made specially for her. She looked GORGEOUS and outshone the jewels!

Here is Jessica, rocking KSho for the Oscars!

I watched like a hawk but didn't get to see her....although I did fall asleep at about 11 so perhaps I missed it? Loved when Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy made Scorcese into a drinking game! Thanks for letting me adorn you Jessica and I hope you had a great time!!!


  1. So cool. I saw your post on FB last night, and it made me so curious that I searched about how to become a "seat filler". Did you see the older man in the baby blue tux that got a special shout out? He has been a seat filler for 57 consecutive Oscar ceremonies.

  2. Totally saw that:) I know I SO want to be a seat filler next fun would that be?