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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Credit where credit is due....

People have been making jewelry since the beginning of time. Since the first cave person saw a red berry, thought it neat and dangled it from their ear, we have been inspired by others to create and imitate. I have always believed that there are no new ideas, only new interpretations of old ones and yes, I have felt the sting of getting knocked off with no acknowledgement of being an inspiration. You have two choices in that instance, you can be a pissy jack- nog threatening law suits and hissing at fellow jewelry designers at shows, or just come up with new ideas. I chose the latter. (and have met those who have chosen the former. hating makes you age!) I have been inspired by SO many other artists, I learn from them in classes and see fabulous examples of work that they are generous enough to share in magazines and online. Here are a few of my favorite people:

Richard Salley (holy crap! a genius in found object jewelry and all around cool guy)
Stephanie Lee (she is a rock star in jewelry, in writing, in painting....etc.)
The Victorian Era (in general)
My husband (ridiculously great ideas on what direction in design I should take when stuck)
Every customer who has suggested tweaks to jewelry
Lara Gibson (genius use of color)
Thomas Mann
Chan Luu (the mother of contemporary crocheted/hippy-chic/bo-ho designs)

...and countless others! You will never see a post or picture in my blog that does not bow down and kiss the feet of people who have inspired me in the design of a piece. Check back tomorrow for some earrings that I totally loved making inspired by the front page of a fab mag....


p.s. When I can figure out how to link directly to the websites of my inspirational gurus I will do so!

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