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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Duper Bowl Sunday!!!!

WHoooOOOO HoooooOOOO!!!! Super Bowl Sunday is here! Finally the culmination of a million games boils down to this one glorious day when the true victors will be decided. Go TEAM!!!! Honestly? I have no idea who is playing and have not watched an inch of football this season. I will however be taking part of that time honored American tradition: The Super Bowl Party. I will eat a ton of junk food and drink a few too many light beers and enjoy hanging with good friends and socializing. In the spirit of man versus man locked in a brutal competition to the death (or at least till someone wins the Super Bowl Cup ( Bowl?) I'll leave you with one in a series of necklaces that I have worked on today. I call it "Can't we all just get along".

It'd be funnier if you could actually read the charms but when I try to make it bigger it goes all blurry. It's a vintage military jacket button with hand stamped charms that say peace and love. Funny right? Whatever. I am going to drink light beer!

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