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Friday, June 8, 2012

Busy Little Bee....

Since I am about due for another,"Why hasn't your blog been updated?" email from my Dad I'll beat him to it!!! The last couple of weeks have been all about  making as much jewelry as possible before I go on our family's annual vacation to Duck, NC. Last weekend I woke up at the crack of 5am to drive to Irvington for the Farmer's Market. It's always hard to wake up that early on a Saturday but once I get there and see all my friends and the amazing support of all my returning and new customers it makes the early wake up worth it! It was a gorgeous day and a great show. If you happen to be enjoying the mountains anywhere near Little Switzerland, NC stop by The Trillium gallery and check out their collection of KShonk. I am getting together bunch of pretties including lots of one of a kind pieces with vintage rhinestones, leather cuff bracelets and butterfly necklaces! Now it's back to the salt table.....have a great day!


  1. SOunds good! Make as much jewelry as possible that is! If you are ever down here in Laguna, please come by and we will grab a veggie burger : )

  2. Will do Beth! I am in love with California!

  3. I am thinking Stampington & Co needs to put together an artist show in Laguna, Ca so I have an excuse (and a write off) to come. What an amazing show that would be. Country Living shows have been awesome! Just saying;)

  4. Amazing! I can't believe it! Thanks for sharing!