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Friday, June 15, 2012

"Research" Day!

Well I can't exactly call it "Slacker Stalking Pinterest Day"!( although that is what I am doing) Country Living Magazine shows are just around the corner and if you have ever been you KNOW I have to bring  my "A" game display-wise. Pinterest is a wealth of generous, creative people sharing their ideas and I have been pinning my little heart out with really cool ideas. Here are a few that I am loving:
salvaged driftwood jewelry displays


Just a few that I am loving. Please feel free to put links to your favorite displays in the comments section. I am also looking for a really cool way to display a sign with my logo so if anyone knows anything about that I would SO appreciate it!!! Now...back to my research!


  1. It looks like you are going for a vintage wood look. Maybe you could have your logo printed as a photo at costco (they offer tons of photo sizes) and then do a wood transfer on a distressed piece of light wood like balsa. Then you can punch two holes in the top corners of the wood and hang it in your display using vintage ribbon. Just do a google search of "Wood photo transfer" and a million results will come up. Another idea is to use a vintage frame like the one in the bottom display picture that you posted. That blue is sort of your signature blue or you could go with a gold frame. Either way, I am sure it will be GORG.

  2. Alright Stella!!! Great ideas...thank you!