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Monday, October 8, 2012

Suspiciously Calm

Country Living Atlanta is fast approaching and I am suspiciously calm. Everyday I wire and buy supplies and solder and wire some more and am pretty satisfied with the growing number of pretties on my studio table.
Upcycled vintage rhinestones necklaces and vintage rosary necklaces with soldered nut pendants(laying down)

After a trip to a local thrift store Saturday I have been working on making beautiful mixed rhinestone pieces with fresh water pearls and recycled seafoam blue seaglass. After declaring the newest pieces my absolute favorite EVER... I make another and fall in love all over again. That's the delight in jewelry design, instant gratification. I am always amazed when I find a piece that I don't really think was going to turn into anything special and it becomes THE piece I love the most!
I was not in love with the blue/purple/green combination of this vintage brooch until I added denim blue freshwater pearls. It lays so perfectly on the neck!

One of my Story bracelets. Made from hand formed ancient bronze, each bracelet has different bits of vintage pieces and hand wired crystals etc.

Enough of the chit chat....back to the studio!

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