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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Country Living Fair, A Story in Pictures!

Great weather, Great show, Great Pumpkin Patch!!!

The Great Pumpkin Patch!
My wonderful mother in law Janice and her fiance' and all around great man John decorating hundreds of bags for the packaging. I got a TON of compliments on their awesome work!
Eric doing "research";) 
Some of my displays, after all the hard work I was happy with how it turned out!

That arrow has red glitter all around it. I am just saying....

I waited until the last minute to get my hotel and was a little nervous about the Residence Inn dowtown. It rocked! It was really close to the venue, had a kitchen so I didn't have to leave my hotel after the I got back and was SUPER comfortable! This was my view from the 14th floor, I highly recommend it!

After deciding to go it alone for the show this year, here is what I learned:
1. You are eventually going to have to use the restroom. Make friends with your booth buddies and pray you have friends as nice as Maryellen Kim of TwistStyle to send over her sweetheart of a cousin Carly to relieve you.
2. Make sure your credit card system works. As much as I love Square, my swiper wouldn't work and I had to key in all of my sales and if you do that they hold your funds for 30 days. (am in the process of getting that worked out)
3. While doable by's more fun with a buddy, which is why I am starting the begging and bribing process to get my hubby to go to Atlanta with me;)


  1. Your jewelry looks beautiful Karen! I do hope this was hugely successful for you, you deserve it!

  2. It was awesome! I hope Atlanta is just as successful!