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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I heart you St. Bridget's!

Whenever I go to a show filled with interesting, stylish women who "get" what I am trying to do with my jewelry it fills me with sunshine and rainbows! Seriously, tonight rocked and I appreciate everyone that came out to make it a success not only for me but for St. Bridget's school. I'll be back anytime you'll have me ladies.

These lovely ladies circled around 3 times before landing on the perfect necklaces for them.
Thanks for coming back!
I knew the seaglass belt buckle wasn't long for my table!

Karen has been a longtime visitor to my booth and this cuff had her name ALL over it. Thanks for coming to see me!

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to a piece...this was one of them!

Across from me this year was Kim Nix whose dreamy, soulful, beautiful paintings took my breath away. I took some pics but there is no way my blurry camera will do her wonderful artwork justice so check out her website for non blurry renderings. Here are some images I "borrowed" from her site:

It's always great to see Andrea Danner-Schultz and her adorable booth design, fab jewelry and paintings. Notice how her booth coordinates with her recycled cashmere sweater from Imagine That?

She is normally not this blurry.

All in all a fabulous nigh,t and now I will eat something because it is 12:00am and this was dinner:

So don't hate me if I forgot to spell check!

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