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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I hear ya Dad!

Every time I let my blog lapse my dad sends me an email. Since I haven't posted since last May you can only imagine how many I've received. So what have I been up to? I spent an amazing 4 days in Stone Mountain Park, GA taking part in Country Living Magazine's awesome show! I met so many cool people who "get" my jewelry and I just had a blast hanging out with my bestie Deanna King owner of Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds who made my booth look amazing and was in general the best cheerleader a girl could want!
The gorgeous display of gourds on the way into Stone Mountain Park

Our bargain lunch for 2 at Cracker Barrel

Forgot my sunglasses at home but picked up these "bad ass" shades at a gas station!
Nothing says "Country Living" like skulls with fire shooting out of them!

Booth shot, Deanna hung EVERYTHING! Best booth buddy EVER!

I have been trying to figure out a way to make cool leather cuff bracelets and was, until now, intimidated by snaps. I went to The Tandy Factory in Richmond and they should me just how easy it could be. Here are some pieces I made once I stopped swearing and got the hang of it:

The cuff bracelets are made out of recycled leather belts and that got me to thinking about belt buckles. I love them and have collected them for years, why not make some. Here ya have it:
A couple of belts with vintage bits sunk in resin

I have many shows coming up this holiday season and am looking forward to seeing everybody. I promise to try and keep up with my blog a little better....sorry Dad:)

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