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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't Be an A-hole at Art Shows (Bless Your Heart!)

The first art show I participated in was held in a small school gym. After crafting pieces of jewelry until my fingers cramped I put out a basic folding table display and was petrified that no one would like my stuff and hoped that at least they wouldn't point and make fun of me. I was lucky. I sold enough to encourage me to keep on making jewelry and no one stood by my table and loudly ridiculed my offerings to their friends.

There are tons of art fairs and festivals going on this summer and all year round. Chances are you will find yourself at one, either because you are interested in buying handmade and local or perhaps it's a festival in your small town where you are going to see and be seen. Whatever the case may be, not all the goods are going to be your little red wagon. Maybe you are not into aprons festooned with kittens and balls of yarn or prefer to buy your pottery mass produced at a chain home goods store. (Lord knows I love me some Restoration Hardware!)  All I ask is that you behave with an ounce of kindness, class and decency and show some respect for the hard work and courage it takes for each and every artist to participate in a show .  Keep your snotty comments quiet or to yourself, and for the love of everything that's good and holy, if you feel like you can make it yourself go home and do it. No need to announce it out loud in front of the person that already has.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. I have to completely agree with you on this. As someone who goes to many fairs and handmade events, I cannot believe the stories people tell me or even the things I over hear. I try to do nothing but show my massive appreciation for the talent and bravery of every vendor there. I think this post should be read many times over by a great many people. Manners go a long way.