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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Few Little Pieces....

I will be the first to admit that after our whirlwind of traveling this spring I am a little slow to get back into the swing of jewelry making things. I haven't been a complete slacker. Inspired by some "Gypsy Cowboy-esque" photos on Pinterest ('s RESEARCH!!!!)  and the possibility of some fabulous new Old Gringo boots that I may get myself for my September birthday I wanted to do an over the top turquoise necklace. The day I finished it one of my favorite blogs Couture Over Coffee published this post about turquoise! Great minds think alike! Here is the first draft of my turquoise necklace:

Pretty, but maybe a bit sparse? After seeing the picture I decided that if alot of turquoise is good...perhaps more would be better? I went back in to add big, fat turquoise teardrops:

I feel like the turquoise drops add more depth to the piece and it's a little more funky and trust fund hippie which was kinda what I was going for. 

(my wrist, actual bangles and the lovely watch my husband bought me!)

Like everyone else I have been loving stacked bangles lately and I have been making "Bangle Bundles". I am making them with vintage rhinestones, velvet, vintage buttons, beads and a random skull bead or two. I will have sets of them available at Irvington Farmer's Market this Saturday and on Etsy after that. Back to the jewelry making!


  1. LOVE the chunky turquoise! Good call on adding more. And you are quite photogenic. Those are great pics of you!

  2. Thanks Beth...fake tanner always makes a picture pretty!