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Friday, July 27, 2012

I Wanna See You Sweat....

I did it! I went up into my attic space where I solder stuff. It was hot. 'Nam in the jungle hot. I think I sweat off 5 pounds and all the smoke from the solder probably wasn't super healthy, but I did it. I have about 8 handmade bezels ready for my collaging and butterflies waiting to be mounted. I had every intention of getting right back on the horse today but when I took the little white poodle out for her morning walk I was greeted by a steamy, swamp-like swelter at 7 am. If I can't get no satisfaction from the heat at 7am, it ain't gonna happen!

On a "stuff on my list that didn't get done" note, I didn't book my hotel for CL or finish the bird's nest. In my defense I was dehydrated and my husband offered to take me to dinner, soooooo.....! It's totally fine, I'll sleep in my rented mini van. I kid, it's on for today, after yoga. Ommmmmmmm......

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