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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Butterflies.....

I have been busy as a bee making as much as I can for September's Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. I am SOOOOooooo exited to be doing both Ohio AND Atlanta this year and am trying not to get too overwhelmed by the amount of sparkly pieces I want to make. I try to give myself a deadline of a few days before leaving to I can clear up last minute details like pricing and packing but there is always just one more style of earring I want to make and I inevitably end up working until the last minute. Last week was the first of a couple of butterfly weeks. I hand soldered the bezels and then collage butterfly's, glitter, book pages etc. to create the focal pendants. If the chains on some look hand soldered...well that because they are. I learned that little trick from Stephanie Lee and you can too with her up coming online class!  That's all for now...back to the the messy studio!