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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It Was in My Own Backyard the Whole Time....

Every year I promise myself I am going to be cool about Country Living. No worries, stick to a schedule, make a certain number of favorite designs and add in some new ones, stop making jewelry on a specified date a couple of days before the show to give myself some downtime.  And then I loose my shit and I start frantically making jewelry and freaking out about everything I have left to the last minute like cards, boxes etc... Then comes the self doubt. Will people like what I have? Do I have enough in different price points. Are my pieces something Country Living Magazine readers would like. Inevitably I start looking at everyone else's jewelry online and have massive design envy.  As I was hyper ventilating yesterday and trolling Pinterest for display ideas (never mind that I have awesome displays that were put together by a ridiculously talented designer) I came own.

Inexpensive but really cool DIY necklace display. Whitewashed wood and nails.

These wooden necklace displays were made by my husband and painted by me. My friend Tasha (who makes amazing pottery see:here) took some great pictures at the first Country Living Fair I did in Ohio. As I scrolled through the photos I saw how amazing the booth my friend Wendy Umanoff had designed looked. Sometimes what you are looking for has been there all along!
 Pinned Image
Earrings hanging from a Wendy Umanoff designed found door display
Necklace Display my husband made
Necklace display

My booth in Atlanta last year (booth design by Deanna King of Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds)

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