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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blue (and green!) Hawaii.....

I can't imagine a better day for a post about Hawaii! Eric and I were lucky enough to spend time in Hawaii over New Year's. I realized going in it was going to be an amazing adventure but what I didn't realize is all the inspiration and buying I would be able to do. While taking a helicopter ride over Oahu I snapped some pics:
I took about 20 pictures of this basin. I am so in love with the mixes of vibrant shades of aqua, navy and turquoise against the earthy green.

I have no idea what this is but I only saw one hanging from a tree while hiking Waimea Falls.

The scalloped edge of this vintage rhinestone necklace reminds me of the sun sparkling on the waves.

The greenish blue turquoise and heavenly green pearls were bought at a bead shop in Maui. It was this little place tucked in behind a bunch of other shops and it was a gold mine!

I am always hunting for this shade of recycled glass beads and found a couple of strands in a shop on the North Shore.

The greens were outrageous! You will be seeing them in my work come springtime!


  1. The blue flowering vine is called Vigna strobilophora Robs, in case you're interested

  2. I was Diana thank you. It was the only one that color and it was gorgeous!

  3. Such a great look on you. has really stepped it up. The statement necklace really stands out.