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Friday, January 25, 2013


My morning ritual consists of coffee, breakfast bar and Pinterest. I love looking at all the pretty pictures and this morning I was going through my Inspiration board and thought I'd share a a few of my favorites.

~ Watch & Hippolyte Téterger, French (Paris), ca. 1870-78. Gold, platinum, & diamonds ~
Breathtaking! Vintage paris 1800's

Obviously blues and greens and seaglass! 

This picture makes when want to pillage my stash for deep reds and turquoise immediately! Don't be too surprised if there is a picture up tomorrow inspired by this picture!

Gorgeous Armenta Ring
Ring by Armenta. I love the mix of metals and the medieval vibe.

Gold locket with the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette: British Museum
Victorian hair jewelry was meant to keep your loved one in your memory. There are some amazing examples of this practice. Love the little key and lock.

bora bora, tahiti
Ugh. The absolute beauty of the deep blues and greens with the touch of weather wood.

This is so today!! hey girl @linwoodstudio @modernjune teehee!
Thank you Ryan. I appreciate you appreciating me;)

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