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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Necklace of Endless Possibilities!

Another amazing class with Stephanie Lee this weekend. I swear every time I take a class with her I have about 5 new weapons in my jewelry making arsenal. This time around it was the multi-purpose necklace and how to solder without swearing:) She also taught us how to incorporate mica into a pendant which I have always been curious about (who hasn't?:) and I worked with European bronze wire which is just gorgeous. My husband was sweet enough to go with me and hang out in the hotel room all day and then get dressed up and go to a dinner party that night. He is just SO supportive of all that I do. LOVE him!!!! Without further are the photos of what I made!
Altogether the necklace is a long one....
...and as a chain bracelet with pendant....

...and as an 18 inch necklace and bracelet set. Oh the possibilities!

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