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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ben from Pinterest...

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One of my great delights at Alt Summit this year was meeting the guy that signs off on every re pin email I get! He was funny, humble and a great speaker. He told his inspiring story from beginning to end and didn't leave out the down and dirty parts in between. (that sounded a little smarmy didn't it?) From quitting his dream job at Google with the promise from some of his friends that they would follow only to have the economy tank the next day and everyone leaving the cheese to stand alone,(your not cheesy Ben, or if you are like a really great Brie) to 2 years of trying to get venture capital and hoping and praying that people would get what he was doing and finally pushing everyone as fast as he could to get the product online as soon as possible. (I apologize for the longest run on sentence EVER) His story was so inspiring! I was lucky enough to spot him at the party that night and went up to thank him for speaking. I gushed like an eejit and when I paused to take a breath he said, "Thanks so much, I'm Ben by the way," and stuck his hand out to shake mine. I'll be re-pinning this memory for a long time!

BTW? Someone needs to make Pinterest shirts that say "I am a Follower" in the Pinterest font. Or Pinterest on the front and "Are you following me?" on the back? Maybe Pinterest? I'd buy one!

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