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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My First Day Of Class

Let me start out this post by saying if there was a way to duplicate Ala I'd take 3! What an absolute pleasure of a kid. She is everything you would want any child to be, smart, funny, polite and just a joy to hang out with. We started out by looking through a couple of the books that I left for her and she took the task of marking everything she liked
to heart. At every Post it she would tell me what she liked about a certain piece of jewelry. I was really surprised at how sophisticated her opinions were, she really "got" it and was so excited to learn. It also gave me some idea of what I want to teach her in future lessons. For the first class, I taught her basic stringing around a focal point bead and she picked it up so quickly there was time to teach her how to make a focal point beads with wire. I am really looking forward to seeing what she makes with these techniques and I can't wait
for our next session!

My second half of the day as a student showed me what an amazing teacher Stacey Lane is! That 2 week Penland course more than prepared me for this class and I think I will actually be able to bring some new techniques to the class. It was also taught in the same classroom where I took my very first metalsmithing class about 10 years ago. I started reminiscing about the amazing people that have helped and encouraged me to get where I am now and I left that class filled with gratitude and the hope that I can pass on a little of what I have learned.


  1. Cute kid, Karyn...have fun bringing up the next generation of jewelry artists!

  2. Thanks Richard....she was a delight and is a natural!