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Friday, March 23, 2012

Aim High!

About a million years ago I made a decision that just seemed like a natural course of action for a former high school cheerleader just out of high school. I joined the United States Air Force. It was a shock to all of my family and friends and I wouldn't be surprised if most of them were betting that this little goodie two shoes who couldn't run a mile wouldn't make it through basic training. Chances are I wouldn't have, had I not met a raspy-voiced, street smart, impossibly cool chick from Pittsburgh. Dawn Murphy(Serakowski) made what for most is a traumatic, terrifying experience one of the best times in my life by teaching me that rules are meant to be broken. If there had been a tape recorder around my part of our conversations you would hear alot of me saying,"Um Dawn...I don't know if we should do this...."

Today Dawn became the first person to make a purchase from my Etsy shop. Thank you so much Dawn, I salute you! (and NO I will not go "check the mail" with you;)

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