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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stand By for Technical Difficulties....

There are men in my sun room! There is sawing, bustling, paint fumes and everything is covered in tarp. It's finally happening! My wishful studio space is finally becoming a studio. After years of lightly dropped hints,"Hey the sun room would make a great studio space if we got rid of the pool table," to blatant, "Seriously, get the freaking pool table out of the freaking sun room so I have a place to set up a work studio!" I finally realized the pool table has been my albatross and the sticking point that has been keeping the space from being transformed to a dreamy, Pinterest board of a studio. Taking a cue from Tina Fey in Bossy Pants, (which I have listened to seventy billion times) if you can't go through...go under, around, over! I suggested we put a wooden platform over the pool table (which btw NEVER gets used) and a pretty table cloth over that. Solution, pool table stays and becomes work table. Every body is happy. Add onto that an Internet connection the fritz out all weekend and is finally working thanks to the fabulous Jeff Hathaway and my evil plan is beginning to come together. (picture me maniacally rubbing hands together and laughing like Dr. Frankenstein.) Here is what the sun room looks like now: