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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinterest, we need to talk.....

Pinterest Logo
NO, we are not breaking up!

I just want to let you know where I stand. I started thinking some pretty shady things about you after I read this blog post:, and I started worrying about where our relationship was going and what your intentions were for me.

Pinterest, I'll admit, I started snooping. I started googling you and writing emails to people who know you. It was a bit stalky but then a girl's got to protect herself! I found your blog post and I really believe that you are trying to deal with your issues in an honest and open way. After reading it I got a response from your friend Aaron and I feel much more secure in continuing our relationship. Here is his reply:

Aaron, Mar 01 16:10 (PST):

Thanks for writing in with your concerns. We are aware of some confusion with our terms of service, and are working on making our terms of use - and our intentions - more clear. Rest assured, we are listening, and we are committed to making our passion for content discovery beneficial to everyone, including both users and the creators of the content we love so much.

Thank you for your patience.

Pinterest - Community Specialist

Pinterest, I feel like this is the start of something really special and I don't want to quit "us" just yet. Out of respect for other's feelings I have added this to my profile:

I pin pictures of people, places and things that I admire and for inspiration, not for resale or to copy. If an image that you own is on one of my boards and is not properly credited or you just want it taken down, please ask me and I will happily respect your wishes to remove the image or link it back to you website if it is not already.

It's not a cure all, but it's a start. I'll stay with you dear Pinterest, you had me at hello.

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