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Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Drama Tied Up With Semi-Neat Bow!

All the blogosphere was a-titter when a blogger who is also a lawyer did some research on Pinterest's terms of use and used the scary "lawsuit" word, it was pandemonium! Ok, I was pandemoniuous (pretty sure I made that word up) pretty much because there is a computer on my jewelry making table and I am a social media procrastinator. I am also a HUGE pinner and love Pinterest so I was concerned. After research and an email from a really nice guy at Pinterest who took the time to email me back with my concerns I was secure in the fact that a pack of lawyers were not going to sue me for my jewelry pliers and wire cutters.

Come to find out that Ben from Pinterest called the blogger and talked to her about her concerns. SERIOUSLY! How is THAT for customer service. Mark Zuckerburg surely isn't calling anyone personally about their Facebook concerns. Here is the blog post and I double-dog dare you not to fall a little bit more in love with Pinterest.

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