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Thursday, March 22, 2012 I come...again.

I have an Etsy shop. For real. There just isn't anything in it! I have tried. I have always felt it's so hard to get noticed as a jewelry designer and there is all that re posting and buying ads and I have NEVER sold anything so I just let it lapse. Until now. I have been doing a lot of chatting and interviewing with some pretty savvy ladies this year about upping my web presence and almost the first question to leave their lips is,"Do you have an Etsy shop." I then go into my complicated spiel. What I didn't realize is that I already have followers out there that would love to see my pieces in a clean, concise place with a super easy to buy option. (my website is a little behind the times and is in need of a serious re design) So to Etsy I will go. Hopefully I will get some leather cuffs listed today. If I write it here I will feel obligated and it will get done. Right?


  1. You should do it, Karyn. I love Etsy!

  2. You're right, Etsy is HARD. I think everyone says jewelry and photography are the most difficult to get into on there. Lucky us, huh? ;) I think it's most important to focus on titles and tags and making them things people would search for a product like yours. I spent the day redoing all of mine and my page views tripled. It's a start!

    P.S. I have my actual website back up, so I'll blog the lovely jewelry I won from you soon :)

  3. GingerMandy, thanks for the tips I am going to post the pics while I have my mid afternoon coffee to make it less painful! JustJune, I'll let you know when I am "up"!

  4. Yes definitely do it!! PS---LOVING my gypsy earrings!!