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Friday, March 23, 2012

Etsy's Up!

Alright, after some serious time. (photos, photo shop, posting, tagging, describing) I have 5 items in my Etsy shop. People who make bank on Etsy totally deserve to, it's a lot of work! Here is the link and I welcome any and all opinions! (btw, I went from 1 shop view to 53 yesterday. Instant gratification. I guess I'll put up more:)

Every morning I wake up, make coffee and check my various social media outlets. I enjoy all the blogs I follow but if I there is a new post from The Whole Pretty...I KNOW it's going to be a good morning. I freaking love this blog so much. She is snarky, witty and it's just a bag of glamorous fun. Check it out here:

Enjoy your morning!


  1. I think I was 46 of the 53 views. I could not stop looking at that particular cuff above. Love it!


  2. Awww...thanks. I sold one! That's just too darn exciting. (The sea glass one)