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Thursday, March 29, 2012

About last night...

I had the worst night's sleep. I thought it was just me until I woke up and read comments on fb and even from one of my favorite bloggers with reasons ranging from rattling windows to overwhelming lives. Mine was simple: Hunger Games Hangover. Def:When one stupidly starts a Hunger Games novel at 10:30 pm and is unable to put the book down until finished thereby getting little to no sleep.

I thought I wasn't really into Book 2 but that I needed to give it another chance having just seen the movie and wanting to know what happened next. It's my fault that I started it at 10:30. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I didn't get to sleep until 3 ish and slept fitfully dreaming of jabberwockeys!

On a happy note, my good friend Crystal is in town with us this weekend to work her booth full of fabulousness at Bizarre Bazaar. Her booth is always rock star and she packs it with her awesome lighted mason jar strands ( don't bother trying this at home kids, Crystal patented that sh*t! For real!)
Mason Jar Strand with Light - Full Pint

T Shirts (of which I have a fab collection)

sweeter than the tea olive green woman's long sleeve shirt

...and Mason Jar Planters just to name a few:
Mason Jar Aloe Planter

Check out her Etsy site here:

I am now going to make jewelry! There will probably be a nap in my future. Just saying.

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