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Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's ALL happening.....

When I first moved in with my husband, I fell in love with the big, bright sun room and immediately started plotting a studio space for moi. There were these two funky orange and blue vintage chairs that I didn't know if I hearted or hated (I love now) and this huge vintage polo sign that was hanging on the wall. They have become my "concept" pieces. I have a friend that is going to paint the polo horse and the burgundy line the dark gold/orange of the chair. Trust. It will look AMAZING!

This is where we started. You can see the true hot mess in this post.
Look at all that gorgeous light coming in...perfect studio space am I right?

Let's get it started in here!

Here is where we are today. Did you notice the sky blue ceiling? The doors will be painted white as well and have cheesecloth curtains like
Cheesecloth curtains, maybe vintage rhinestone brooches to hold them.......floppy raw silk bows to hold them to the rods...... Rest. Relax.
From my Pinterest board originally from Love the easy, breezy curtains. Pinned from

SO in love with Wendy Umanoff's lighting designs!!!!!
This Wendy Umanoff light is mine!

above the fireplace....
Something very similar to this WILL be happening. Maybe not always with flowers that are alive. I am looking at some dead roses from V Day right now that I haven't thrown away. For real.

Can you see it? Can you understand my excitement? I am welcome to suggestions or Pinterest ideas. Will post more pictures as I go on.

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